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Snow Globe Editions - our mission

Snow Globe Editions - our mission

SNOW GLOBE EDITIONS is the digital publishing house of the Onlus Terra dei Colori (Land of Colors) that develops new ways of educating as its objective. Snow Globe Editions produces Applications for mobile devices, E-books, interactive multimedia games and other digital products with a strong educational and social bent. The objective of the cooperative is to interact better with new generations and the “digital natives.”

The published products of Snow Globe have 3 principal purposes.

EDUTAINMENT a form of entertainment intended to educate and entertain, starting from the assumption that without fun and without passion comes less deep and lasting learning. The word Edutainment is a neologism born from the fusion of “Education” and “Entertainment”, in other words fun education. Snow Globe Editions thus aims to educate the digital natives through games, books and fun.

Why think about education with games? In play happens the metamorphosis of one’s identity by encouraging the decentralization of the identity of the individual, as many educational strategies want.Precisely for this great potential, the game must necessarily be built on shared values.

WELFARE the projects of Snow Globe Editions and their entire revenue are used to support projects of Just Cause Marketing and towards collaboration with other companies whose aim it is to safeguard the development of the community around us. Additionally Snow Globe Editions has the object of raising and educating knowledgeable consumers, to develop projects aimed at younger generations, and to make them feel a fundamental part of the system and teach them to act in a socially useful way.

CULTURE the basis of any social and publishing project of Snow Globe Editions, in addition to its desire to educate in a fun way, is the desire to always convey culture in every circumstance and for every type of activity. This is why the publishing projects are normally translated into different languages, for example “Longlegs and the Pirate with No Nose” which is available in 7 languages.

Interesting story and art style ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This isa great app with an interesting story. A lot of interactivity through out the pages which will make the kids busy and engaged for a while. I have slight issue with the navigation but it might be just me. THe graphics are nice and music and sound effects are great.

My toddler loved it ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

It was a great story, and ad the title says, my toddler was quite a fan. Reading throigh the other reviews, I do agree that the controls were less than intuitive, but my toddler picked them up much quicker than I could have. [...] The best parts were the hidden animations that had my kid clicking around every page. The narrator's voice was also quite pleasant.

Fun sory, great deal! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Beautiful illustrations, interactive design and engaging narration. Got this for my cousins (girls afes 9 & 12) who really enjoy it, and love discovering new feature each time they open it.

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A tale best suited to older children

- www.theimum.com
- www.funeducationalapps.com

The artwork is duly impressive and the interactivity within the story is far-reaching; one of my favorite features was that the screen panned out or over when I tilted the iPad.

- www.ipadkids.com
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