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Our goal is education

Our goal is education

To become conscious of the eternal value of oneself is the most important moment in life. (S. Kierkegaard)

We imagine our educational programs as creators of paths of thought in which we are not content immediately with the most obvious result but in which space is left for the imagination; we think of participatory paths in which we ask the adults for their awareness and curiosity, to the young and to the smallest the desire to get involved in order to create together a horizontal society based on the assumption of individual responsibility. Our idea is to work so that we can build with children and youth a better future inhabited by free persons, active, creative, authentic, in one word: happy. The compass that orients our voyage is made up of values about which our educational projects turn characterized by words like: play, experience, sharing, care, science/knowing, listening/empathy, art, ecology, fantasy, democracy, imagination, rights of children, expression, gentleness, creativity, solidarity, liberty, difference as resource, skill, autonomy.

All of these words, that define the basic ideas of our system of reference, are built into the instruction of our teachers and educators as well as in the daily evaluation of the educational activity and are continuously asked of the program of services. These are the values that give meaning to our educational day and we commit ourselves so that everything that happens (or we make happen) has a reason.

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Interesting story and art style ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This isa great app with an interesting story. A lot of interactivity through out the pages which will make the kids busy and engaged for a while. I have slight issue with the navigation but it might be just me. THe graphics are nice and music and sound effects are great.

My toddler loved it ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

It was a great story, and ad the title says, my toddler was quite a fan. Reading throigh the other reviews, I do agree that the controls were less than intuitive, but my toddler picked them up much quicker than I could have. [...] The best parts were the hidden animations that had my kid clicking around every page. The narrator's voice was also quite pleasant.

Fun sory, great deal! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Beautiful illustrations, interactive design and engaging narration. Got this for my cousins (girls afes 9 & 12) who really enjoy it, and love discovering new feature each time they open it.

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A tale best suited to older children

- www.theimum.com
- www.funeducationalapps.com

The artwork is duly impressive and the interactivity within the story is far-reaching; one of my favorite features was that the screen panned out or over when I tilted the iPad.

- www.ipadkids.com
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